human health

Every man, woman and child is at risk of ingesting the chemical glyphosate, commercially known as "RoundUp".


Processed food makes up 70% of the American diet and we are completely addicted to it.  It is estimated on average we eat 70 pounds of sugar per year, at least half of which comes from GMO sugar beets and syrups!


Within these processed foods, we are frequently consuming residues from RoundUp and numerous other herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides, if not every single day. 


As we now discovering, the bacterium within our gut plays an incredibly important role in how glyphosate acts as a primary mechanism for harm.  Our bacteria that comprises all of our bodies outnumbers our cells 10 to 1, which is incredibly important for all of us to understand!


Consider THAT for a moment....


We are essentially made up of bacteria, much more so than any other component of our bodies.  When you introduce a broad spectrum herbicide into the mix like glyphosate, which is designed to kill bacteria, it could mean serious health consequences for each and every one of us! 


How can it be safe to apply poisons to food and then eat it?


Our government has not even studied the long term effects of glyphosate on our bodies, especially childen?!


Glyphosate is also a chelator, and molecules from herbicides like glyphosate wrap themselves around other molecules inside of plants or our own bacteria, making them unavailable to the host organism.  This is fundamentally important, especially for developing fetuses, and we need to understand that is happening right now. We also need to understand that glyphosate "chelates" zinc, iron, manganese and calcium, which are all necessary for a healthy immune system.  


As this film is progressing, we are coming to a concerning realization that most Americans do not understand that we have allowed an herbicide into our food supply that is designed to kill bacteria.  It does not discriminate in any way as to what kind of bacteria it eliminates, not to mention the other chemicals it is associated with.  In talking with top environmental, health, and organic farming experts, we have uncovered crucial information our mainstream media is NOT sharing with you!



Babies have glyphosate in their bodies at birth.  Mothers have it in their breast milk.  It is in all forms of infant formula, unless it is 100% organic, and even then you could still put it in there unintentially through the liquid (water) mixed into it.  Farmers who mix glyphosate along with other chemicals together have shown a higher incidence of cancer, which is troubling enough for the people growing our food.  Currently, we also understand that the evidence is very strong concerning neurological outcomes, reproductive effects, birth defects, genetic damage and overgrowth of pathogens.


Yet knowing this, in 2014, our EPA has decided to INCREASE the contamination levels for many crops and allowed thresholds for our exposure, increase, too.  That's right, our goverment is increasing both the allowed usage and our exposure to this chemical.


Ask yourself the question, "Would I put even a little bit of RoundUp into a baby bottle?" 


Then ask yourself another question, "Did I already?"